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Ayudando a Namana y Ucrania

As soon as the situation in Ukraine changed we offered Namana Bags team our help in whatever way we could and on the 5th of March 2022 we were contacted by Namana Bags requesting for help.

We received the following e-mail :

Dear friends and clients.

You all know what Ukraine, our people, and the whole world are facing today.

This is a real war, with bombing, tanks, losses.

Unfortunately, our Namana Bags company is located in the zone of possible military operations, so production has been stopped, many team members have left or are about to leave the country to protect their children. We have 20 team members and all are affected by this situation.

We are confident that Ukraine will win, but the price is already very high and the losses are irreversible.


So I have to say the following:

1. The production or shipment of any product is impossible until the end of the war.

2. Our Namana Bags team, like other members of the Ukrainian music community, needs your help more than ever.


I, Elena Miroshnik, founder and CEO of Namana Bags, are currently raising funds for:

- targeted financial assistance to members of our Namana Bags team when they need to buy food, move to another city, or simply survive in real conditions.

- organizing the supply of our material resources to volunteer organizations (our fabrics, velcro are needed for sewing unloadings for the defenders of the city, pad and elastic bands are needed for rugs for people in bomb shelters), we want to give them everything we have before it's too late.

- we also have a lot of ready to go orders, they just stand packed in the workshop. And I don't know when them will be possible to ship, or if possible at all. So I will ask for help in repaying our obligations to our customers (everyone of you could be in such situation). Despite martial law, I will do my best to ensure that Namana Bags does not owe anything to anyone, no matter how long it takes.


I sincerely thank you for your words of support during the first days of the war. This is very valuable and important! The whole world is simply unreal! I believe that something special was born in the world community these days, the common world spirit.


I’ll be in touch with you, maybe not very often as we have a lot to do. Thank you for any kind of support!


How you can help us financially:

1 way. Zelle (please comment "help"): +1631-748-3273 or (to Olena Myroshnyk)


2 way. Wire transfer Inside the US:

to Olena Myroshnyk

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104

Routing number 121000248

Account number 3891641064


3 way. Wire transfer from outside the US:

to Olena Myroshnyk

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104

Swift code: WFBIUS6S

Account number 3891641064


4 way. Paypal (please comment "help" and send to friends, in US):


Hopefully see you soon!

Elena Miroshnik

Founder and CEO Namana Bags

In light of the present request and being this, in addition, one of the most direct ways of helping Ukrainian people, either in shelter or looking to rebuild their lives, we decided we would donate 10% of all our sales during the next months to help Elena and the Namana team rebuild their lives and help to supply goods for sheltered people in Ukraine.

We hope this situation resolves quickly, but meanwhile, we will make sure to help with what we can.

Best regards,

Dugimago team:

Duarte and Sara

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